Within our offices, you will find our architecture department, successfully on the market for over 20 years, that consists of a valuable and skillful team of professionals, surveyors, engineers and architects, able to help you with all your needs.
Over the years we have gained a considerable experience that has allowed us to restore and refurbish a considerable number of houses for our clients, by fulfilling all their wishes.
Complete renovation, refurbishing, swimming pools, porches, gardens, home extensions, are some of the activities that we are to provide for you.
We will take care of every detail, starting from the paperwork needed, to project managing, contracts with local craftsman and builders until the final completion of the work.
You will be updated regularly with weekly reports including photos and information.
Our technical department will be at your disposal throughout the duration of the work.
Information on our activities can be simply obtained at following address:
studio@decaprogetti.com tel. / fax 0039.0735.593301

Here you can find a selection of projects followed by our technical department.

Guide on how to buy in Italy
Guide on how to buy in Italy

Procedure and information for buying a property in Italy

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Would you like to sell your property?

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